The Law Office of J. Conor Corocoran, Esq.

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The Law Office of J. Conor Corcoran is a civil litigation firm based in Philadelphia, with associates from coast to coast, and with particular interests in the fields of Catastrophic Injury, Copyright Infringement, Medical Malpractice, Civil Rights, Entertainment Litigation, and more.

The Law Office of J. Conor Corcoran represents people from both the city, and the countryside. The firm concentrates on “David & Goliath” cases—be they innocent patients ravaged by the malpractice of careless physicians, artists whose work has been stolen by corporate predators, or a prisoner whose eyesight was obliterated by prison staff negligence.

The Law Office of J. Conor Corcoran has successfully litigated on behalf of artists from across the country, against the likes of Microsoft, Live Nation, the Philadelphia Inquirer, CBS, the US Patent and Trademark Office, Comcast, Comedy Central, the City of Philadelphia, Stephen Colbert, the Federal Government, individual police officers, and others.

The firm also represents scores of businesses – from restaurants and construction firms, to news blogs and nationally touring musical acts – with regard to all of their contract negotiation and litigation needs.

He graduated from Vassar College in 1999 and received his law degree from Temple University in 2002.